Building a Better Site

In our continuing effort to provide consumers with the best user experience possible, we here at Bad Credit Loans have recently been very busy building some exciting new changes into our website, and they’ve finally just been rolled out.

These latest improvements nicely supplement some major alterations we made to the site just two months ago, and truth be told, they may not be the last. The fact is, we want Bad Credit Loans to keep getting better and better!

Account Center

First of all, we’ve added an exceedingly useful new multipurpose feature called the Account Center. This feature is specifically for individuals who have already applied for a loan, and it allows them to take advantage of several unique benefits, including these:

  • Access to special customer offers and personalized messages
  • The ability to easily review and edit their personal data on file
  • Access to quick, helpful answers to the most common loan-related questions

BadCreditLoans Account Center
The premier benefit of the Account Center, however, is that, whenever they need to, customers can reapply for another loan with the greatest of ease via the special abbreviated “QuickLoan” process.

QuickLoan can enter all your saved personal information into your application for you. If your info hasn’t changed since your last loan, you can complete the form in seconds!


The next change to point out will be the most obvious one to you if you’ve visited our site in the recent past, which is that we’ve redesigned our homepage. Basically, we’ve done the following:

  • Added a few new pieces of helpful content
  • Removed “a little around the edges”
  • Made some minor aesthetic adjustments

In general, we’ve tried to create a maximally optimized homepage that represents a more attractive, streamlined and user-friendly introduction to our service.

“How It Works”

Finally, our “How It Works” informational article has gotten a little more interesting to look at. This piece breaks down the information that is most important for prospective loan borrowers to know, such as how exactly the loan process works, and is structured in a way designed to make the material as quickly digestible as possible.

Knowing that a well-placed graphic can always aid in the learning process, however, we’ve added in a nice, clean diagram of the loan process from application to disbursement of funds. This should help make some already easy-to-understand information even clearer.