Five Ways to Show Your Valentine You Love Them — on a Budget

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful opportunity for you to express some heartfelt sentiment to that special someone. And fortunately, despite what some people may think, showing your Valentine love does not require you to bust your budget. Furthermore, not only is it possible to successfully celebrate the holiday without wreaking havoc on your finances, but the truly amazing memories that you can create without spending a lot of money can last a lifetime.

Make Valentine’s Day a Special Day for Your Significant Other

For many people in committed relationships, no day is more important than Valentine’s Day. Therefore, if you’re in one of these yourself, take the day as an opportunity to shine! Instead of just rushing out to buy that hit-and-miss box of chocolates and Hallmark card at the last minute, spend some time thoughtfully planning out and putting into motion something special for the day. Here are five budget-friendly options for you to consider:

  1. Write a month’s worth of love letters and have them bound in a hardback book for your Valentine to enjoy. The flavor of your letters is up to you since this is between you and your Valentine. This gift requires time and patience and will need to be some time before the holiday to allow for delivery of your book. There are a lot of inexpensive online options that allow you to self-publish a single volume.
  2. Create a photo book of fun, romantic memories. Many places now offer this as a photo-developing option.
  3. Write a letter explaining how many different ways you appreciate your significant other. Be specific and sincere. We all have traits and habits that are endearing. Be sure to mention these. Also make note of their interests (this is particularly important as it shows you not only know what their interests are but also that you recognize the importance of these interests), their struggles and their aspirations. Take your letter and have it printed on snazzy paper. Your delivery will only add to the letter’s importance and create a wonderful impact.
  4. Have a fun movie night at home. Set up your living room to comfortably convey the setting of a real movie theater (preferably without the sticky floors). Gather your popcorn, sodas and other favorite movie-time treats together. Turn the lights out, hold hands, and enjoy the film and the time together.
  5. Play chef for a night and make your loved one’s favorite home-cooked meal. Put your heart into it, offering not only a wonderful meal but a pleasing presentation as well. Once the meal is concluded, go out and enjoy a decadent dessert at a café or bistro.

Remember, Valentine’s Day is all about connecting with those you love and care about, not about spending a lot of money on fancy gifts. So, take advantage of one or more of the aforementioned ideas, or perhaps come up with another one on your own, and have a meaningful and truly memorable day without breaking the bank.