Hello to Our Readers

As the inaugural post of our new blog: Welcome! We want to keep all the users of our site updated on the many goings on with our company. From exciting local events in and around our Seattle HQ to the latest on the payday lending industry nationwide, you can always expect to leave our blog a little more informed.

The big news today concerns the brand new redesign of our site. You can find all sorts of great features that have been added to help you get any bad credit loan you need. Our simple online form speeds up the process while our security features and network of lenders keeps you safe online. On top of that, the new design is not only aesthetically more pleasing, but helps make the loan process faster and more intuitive.

The blog, of course, is also new, but you may not know that this is also a great place to find out the latest alerts on scammers operating both online and off. Be sure to check back here frequently for the latest news on criminals trying to steal your cash.

Feeling a little unsatisfied at work (not to mention underpaid)? Take a moment to peruse the job listings we have now at our new Careers section. You can find a new line of work with a full-time position, or apply for freelance jobs. When you work on your own schedule as a freelancer, you can make extra cash any time you like.

There’s a lot going on at BadCreditLoans.com these days, and we want you to know all about it. Stay tuned for new posts, and have a great loan experience.