Bad Credit Loans Proudly Supports Seattle Community

Seattle-based, one of the leading companies in providing loans to consumers with poor credit, is actively involved in helping meet the needs of organizations in Seattle. Bad Credit Loans helps consumers obtain many different types of loans, including personal loans, auto loans and home loans, but the company is becoming well known for supporting charitable causes.

Bad Credit Loans has supported LUNGevity’s Breathe Deep Seattle, a 5k to raise funds for lung cancer research, and Ginger’s Pet Rescue, a nonprofit operation that specializes in saving dogs from being euthanized and finding new homes for them around western Washington. In addition, Bad Credit Loans made a donation to OneWorld Roller Derby and sponsored skater Susie Wu, also known as Wu’s Your Momma, on the Seattle Tsunami team. Most recently, Bad Credit Loans is sponsoring the Colon Cancer Coalition’s Get Your Rear In Gear, a 5k in Seattle to generate greater awareness of colon cancer and provide screenings to those who might otherwise be unable to afford them.

Bad Credit Loans helps people who are struggling in these tough economic times with loans for unanticipated urgent expenses by connecting them to a lender in our network so they can get the cash they need and get back on track quickly and responsibly.

“We’ll help you access funds to pay off past-due bills, fix the car, or take care of whatever is holding you back—today,” says Matt Becker, a company spokesperson. “At Bad Credit Loans we help customers with their financial needs, but we also strive to make a difference for the people in our community by giving back.”

About Bad Credit Loans

Bad Credit Loans connects consumers to a lender in our network regardless of credit history. Many types of loans are available including personal, business, mortgage, home, student, and auto loans. The application process is quick and convenient. Prospective borrowers can complete a brief application online and will generally be approved within minutes. At that point, they will be presented with a number of competitive loan offers from various local lenders who are part of the extensive network. There is no fee to use the service and no obligation to take a loan. For more information, visit

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