Sponsors Cobblestone At 9/11 Memorial, a leading installment loans website, announced today they would sponsor a cobblestone at the National September 11 Memorial & Museum in honor of the victims of 9/11 and their families.

The National September 11 Memorial & Museum, located at the World Trade Center site, commemorates the September 11 attacks of 2001 and the World Trade Center bombing of 1993. The cobblestone will be placed on the Memorial plaza.

With the donation, honored Pat Lyons. Pat Lyons, a member of squad 252, was one of the brave NYC Firefighters that lost their lives while saving others on September 11, 2001.

“ sponsored a cobblestone to honor our fallen heroes and their families,” a company spokesperson said. “It’s been eleven years since the September 11 attacks. No one will ever forget the events of that tragic day.”

The sponsorship not only pays tribute to the victims of 9/11, but also helps to develop and sustain the National September 11 Memorial & Museum.  The Memorial mission it to ‘recognize the endurance of those who survived, the courage of those who risked their lives to save others, and the compassion of all who supported us in our darkest hours.’ For more information, visit helps people who need emergency loans for unanticipated expenses. As name implies, the company specializes in providing loans to people with poor credit or even no credit at all. Many types of loans are available including personal, business, mortgage, home, student, and auto loans. For more information, visit

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