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Getting Personal With Bad Credit Loans

For those with bad credit, personal loans to see them through an emergency financial situation are easy to find if you know where to look. At Bad Credit Loans, we understand that there are emergencies no one can plan for, and we aren’t limited to helping only consumers with perfect credit. Sometimes a run of bad luck comes up through no fault of your own. However, as long as you’re working, we have the resources to lend you a helping hand no matter if your credit is good or bad. We want to help inform you on making responsible lending decisions and then connect you to available lenders if you feel a bad credit loan would be right for you.

Bad Credit Loans Can Help

We know that it’s the people who are struggling that really need the personal loans, not those with the spotless credit histories who are paying all their bills on time. A perfect spending history simply isn’t possible for many American households, especially in times like these. No matter how well you’ve planned your budget and spending strategies, they can still be thrown off by one unexpected car repair or other emergency when already living check to check.

An installment loan can get you to your next check when there are no other solutions.

Fast, Convenient Applications

Our online system makes it easier than ever to apply. The entire process is quick and convenient, plus you won’t have to worry that your credit score will get you turned down. Just take a moment or two to fill out the online application. Our network of reputable lenders will review it immediately.

Approval also happens online, and the money from the lender you select can be deposited electronically right into the checking account that you provide us. There’s no waiting around for approval, and no waiting around for a paper check to arrive in the mail. Your approved loan is deposited no later than the following business day.

When Lenders Compete, You’re Always the Winner

Because our network of lenders provides you with multiple lenders and loan offers to choose from following approval, you can be sure that you are getting the best rates available. Our lenders know they aren’t the only place providing personal loans that you will see, so they try to keep their rates and fees as low as possible. Bad Credit Loans lets you comparison shop all in one place.

Full Disclosure

With the personal loans our lenders offer, you will always know exactly what to expect before you are under any obligation to actually take out the loan. All the lenders in our network strictly follow the Truth in Lending Act, which means that you’ll receive documentation of every last detail of your loan beforehand. You’ll be able to see all applicable interest rates, possible fees, and all other information on your loan, allowing you to make an informed, responsible borrowing decision without any pressure.

Simple Qualifications

The approval process for bad credit loans is very straightforward. We require that you’re a legal citizen and an adult (age 18 or older). You’ll need to provide some other basic information for the transaction to take place, such as a valid email address, working phone number, and the bank account where you’d like the money transferred. It’s that easy.

Combining a fast application and approval process with an equally fast delivery system makes getting a bad credit loan easy.

More Than Just a Loan

While we try to connect everyone with the personal loans they want, we are especially concerned with keeping consumers applying only for the loans they need. We offer a variety of free, expertly written articles explaining every part of the loan process. You can also find articles replete with:

  • Tips on when to take out a loan
  • How to spend the funds responsibly
  • How to budget your future income in order to pay off a loan quickly

The Cost of Not Getting a Loan

Financial emergencies can strike without any warning: the car could break down, a bill may have gone unnoticed and unpaid for too long, but really, dwelling on the possibilities could last a long time. and isn’t fixing anything.

At Bad Credit Loans, we are more interested in helping you create solutions. Hoping that an emergency will just “go away” if you ignore it tends to only make things worse via late fees and other penalties. Staying pro-active keeps you informed and in control. A quick influx of much-needed funds, when used responsibly, can be exactly what you need to keep bills from getting out of hand.

Unfortunately, no matter how hardworking you are, it doesn’t protect you in an emergency. Most lenders won’t approve those who are struggling to make ends meet, but at Bad Credit Loans, that’s exactly why we offer our services: We connect you with lenders ready to help.

In today’s world, it’s become all too easy to get trapped by finances. Bad Credit Loans gives you a way out by connecting you to the assistance you need to help weather a financial emergency and get back on track quickly and responsibly.

APR – Representative Range Explanation

Bad Credit Loans isn’t a lender and doesn’t provide unsecured loans, but it refers consumers to lenders who may provide such loans. Bad Credit Loans cannot provide you with the exact APR (annual percentage rate) that you will be charged should you be approved for a short-term loan. APRs vary according to the information that is supplied by you in your loan request and by your lender. Your lender will provide you with the APR, loan fees and other terms when you are redirected to your loan agreement during the loan request process. For help with any Bad Credit Loans–related services, feel free to contact us.

The APR on a short-term cash loan can range from 230 to 2,330 percent depending on exactly how it is calculated, the duration of the loan, any loan fees incurred, late payment penalties, nonpayment fees, loan renewal actions and various other factors. Please keep in mind that the APR range and your finance charge are not one and the same. The latter will be disclosed later on in the loan request process.

To see a representative example of a cash loan APR range, click here.

Important Implications to Consider

We would like to remind you that Bad Credit Loans is not a lender, and it doesn’t charge users any fees for its services. Every lender in the Bad Credit Loans affiliate network provides consumers with specific terms, conditions and practices prior to their acceptance of offered loans. Bad Credit Loans strongly recommends that you carefully review the terms and conditions of any loan offer that you receive. For further details about the aforementioned considerations, please see our Rates & Fees and Policy on Responsible Lending Web pages.


When you accept the terms and conditions of a particular loan offer, you are agreeing to pay back the loan principal and finance charges in the amount of time that is specified in the documents your lenders supplies you with. Additional fees/charges by your lender may apply if you are not able to repay your loan in full or if you make a late payment. Bad Credit Loans is not able to predict the amount of the penalties that you will incur as a result of nonpayment, late payment or partial payment. Bad Credit Loans has no control over knowledge of the loan details between you and the lender with whom you are working. Please refer to the nonpayment, late payment and partial payment policies detailed in your lender’s loan documents. Bad Credit Loans makes a concerted effort to work only with reputable lenders who are dedicated to pursuing collections of past-due accounts in a wholly fair and reasonable manner.


If you are approved for a cash loan, your lender will inform you of the exact interest rate and fees attached to your loan prior to your acceptance of said loan. As stated earlier, Bad Credit Loans is not a lender and is unable to predict the exact interest rate and fees for the loan option presented to you. You are under absolutely no obligation at all to accept the loan terms that the lender presents you with.


Bad Credit Loans does not make credit decisions nor does it conduct credit inquiries on consumers. Some lenders in the Bad Credit Loans affiliate network may conduct a nontraditional credit check in order to determine your eligibility for a cash loan. Lenders typically do not conduct credit inquiries with the three major credit bureaus (TransUnion, Experian and Equifax). Ultimately, your credit score may or may not be impacted by the actions of a specific lender. If you do not pay back your loan on time your lender may choose to report this delinquency to one or more credit bureaus, with the end result being that your credit score could be negatively affected. We wholeheartedly encourage consumers to consult a credit counseling company in the event that they are experiencing credit problems.


Loan renewal policies are largely governed by state regulations. Your lender will present you with available loan renewal options prior to your acceptance of their loan offer. Please be sure to diligently read the lender’s renewal policy prior to signing the loan documents. Short-term cash loans are meant to be a short-term financial instrument. Bad Credit Loans encourages all consumers to repay their loan in full and on time in order to avoid late payment and/or nonpayment penalties. If you think there’s a possibility you could end up being unable to pay off a cash loan that you borrow, we would recommend that you explore different loan alternatives before applying for a loan through our website.


Again, Bad Credit Loans is not a lender, and moreover, it doesn’t engage in debt collection practices. Your lender’s collection practices will be clearly disclosed to you in the loan documents that you receive. Should you be unsure of the specific collection practices used by a particular lender, we strongly advise that you discuss this issue with the lender directly. Bad Credit Loans makes reasonable efforts to only work with reputable, established lenders who pursue collections of past-due loan accounts with fair conduct.