Bad Credit Auto Loans

Is trying to get an auto loan driving you crazy? If you are one of the millions of Americans with weak or damaged credit, you may have previously had some difficulty obtaining an auto loan. Until recently, people with bad credit did not stand much of a chance when it came to obtaining financing for a new or used automobile. Relax. We can help you get the loan you need.

Bad Credit Auto Loans: Available to You Regardless of Your Credit History

The recent economic downturn has caused more and more individuals to develop negative marks on their credit reports. To address this problem and assist a growing segment of the population, our lenders have created programs to provide bad credit loans to virtually everyone.

Bad credit is often the result of a change in working conditions. When a job loss occurs, an individual’s credit score usually suffers. Even without a termination notice, layoff slip or reduction in pay, everyone has been affected by the recent economic conditions in our country. The price of everything has gone up and it is sometimes difficult for our salaries to keep pace with rising prices. Illnesses and family situations may have an impact on your ability to pay your bills. The reasons for bad credit are numerous.

Even after you have regained your financial footing, you may have found that various lenders have been hesitant to extend you the credit needed to purchase a new car or truck. Negative marks can remain on your credit report for seven years or longer. When you find yourself denied a traditional car loan, bad credit auto loans can help. Lenders routinely approve loans to individuals with a variety of credit ailments. People with bad credit, slow payments, charged-off accounts, garnishments, liens, repossessions and even bankruptcies can be approved for a bad credit auto loan.

Our Lenders Are Here to Help

Our bad credit auto lenders will work with you to help you get the auto financing you need. Your bad credit need not preclude you from getting the vehicle you need or taking care of an auto repair. Best of all, today’s rates for poor credit auto loans are much more attractive than in times past. Sure, you are going to pay a higher interest rate than if you had perfect credit, but our lenders will work with you. We not only want to finance your vehicle, we want that payment to be one that you can actually afford.

If you have ever requested a car loan through a dealership, you know the agony of waiting while your credit is checked. Then, when the report comes in and your request is denied, you leave the dealership feeling defeated. Those days are over! Submit a loan request online and walk into the dealership knowing that you have the means to buy the car that you want. You are free to make your best deal on the car of your dreams. With a bad credit loan, the ball really is in your court!

Submit a Loan Request Today

Online loan requests are not only fast and easy, but they can be submitted at any time of the day or night. Our online office never closes. Thanks to the Internet, you can submit a request for a bad credit loan on your schedule.

It costs you nothing to complete our loan request and you are under no obligation. Log on and see what we can do for you. In less than 48 hours a lender may provide you with your loan approval, interest rate and monthly payment amount.