Scam Alert: BBB Email Imposters

The Better Business Bureau is one of he most trusted consumer groups in the country. When you are in doubt over the reputation of a company anywhere in America, they are one of the easiest places to find out the truth. Unfortunately, that same reputation has led to scam artists actually posing as the BBB.

According to the BBB alert, multiple complaints have been filed over emails sent to a variety of people, including even the BBB itself. These emails have been reported in two forms: one as a follow up to a complaint, the other as a request to update user information using an online form.

In both emails a link appearing to go to a BBB page. However, by hovering the cursor over the hypertext, the actual URL is not the BBB at all, but rather a site containing a virus.

If you have received this email, please report it to the BBB directly through

This type of scam is known as phishing. A scammer tricks an innocent person via email into downloading a virus or revealing personal information. This can lead to identity theft, viruses, and any number of other crimes.

If you receive any unsolicited email, you should view it cautiously, especially if it is asking you to provide personal info. More reputable companies will not ask for personal information via email. If you are directed to click on a link, make sure it is going where is should. You can Google the company’s official site and see if it matches the link in your email before you click on it.

It is also important to note, that will not contact you, either by email or phone, in order to collect a debt of any kind. If you receive any sort of contact from, please inform us at our Contact Us page.