Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are your job openings local “onsite” positions or work-from-home? ^ Top

At present, all our open positions are “remote,” meaning that the work can be done from your location and submitted via our online workflow software.

2. How will I be contacted after I apply for a position? ^ Top

Our Human Resources team will review your resume and application, and then contact you via email if they think your skills would be a good fit. There may also be a telephone interview required.

3. How do you determine who is the right candidate for the job? ^ Top

A hiring manager will take into account your education, work experience and any relevant samples you provide. For example, applying for a copywriter position would require you to submit links or documents showing previous Web copy created. All applicants will be required to complete our standard application form as well.

4. Why is the job I applied for still posted on your site, yet I haven’t been contacted? ^ Top

Many of our positions have multiple openings and receive many applications. Though we would like to contact every applicant personally, our present resources allow us to reply only to the candidates whom we believe to be the best fit for the job.

5. Assuming I’m qualified for the position, how long will it take you to contact me? ^ Top

Most applicants can expect a response within two weeks. However, it may take longer depending on the number and type of applications we’re reviewing. As mentioned in the response to question 3, copywriter positions require us to review multiple work samples along with the applicant’s resume and references.