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How Your Credit Score Impacts Your Loan Terms

Some people are fortunate enough to have the means to pay for everything they need in cash, without worrying about things like loans and repayment terms. For the rest of us, however, loans are an important part of financing major purchases and getting through expensive emergencies. So, unless you’re one of the few who can […]

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Can Credit Cards Save You Money?

Although it can be easy to forget as we’re swiping away, credit cards are a form of debt; the balance you build on your credit card is debt you owe to the issuing bank.   Given that they are debt and, by nature, debt is a negative, it may seem counterintuitive to consider that credit […]

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How Does Maxing Out a Credit Card Impact Your Credit Score?

While an increasing number of consumers are aware of their credit scores, a good deal of confusion still exists about what does — and doesn’t — impact your score. For example, there is a popular myth that carrying a balance from month to month will somehow help your credit.   This is not true, however. […]

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